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Publicación del rotario Henk-Jaap Kloosterman de Rotary Club Voorburg-Vliet (D-1600) de Holanda en el portal de Rotary Ideas para recaudar fondos para la fase 2 del Proyecto de Eco-Letrinas en Comanche.

Proyecto en Rotary Ideas

eco project

Water and Sanitation for 200 families en Comanche, Bolivia

Project Description

This Rotary water and sanitation project involves the installation of water supply (capacity development) for five “rural communities in western Bolivia and installing 175 ecolatrines, setting up a training program for the maintenance and governance model. Responsibility for operational implementation rests with EWB-B (Engineering Without Borders-Bolivia), an organization specializing in the engineering of water and sanitation projects.

More information about the eco-sanitation project can be found at .

This project fits in perfectly with the Rotary scholarship program with the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education in Delft. It is a wonderful example of the generation of knowledge in the field of water and sanitation, which will be used in practice Rotary WASH projects.

The three initiators of this project a Rotary sponsored by UNESCO-IHE MSc study completed in Water Resource Management, respectively (Afnan Agramont), Sanitary Engineering (Scott Taggart) and Water Services Management (Mariel Ugalde); knowledge that is highly relevant and applicable to this project.

Besides payment via PayPal can also be directly transferred to a contribution NL23ABNA0565814338 account in the name of HJKloosterman stating “Comanche Project”.

Henk-Jaap Kloosterman


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Mascarada Carnaval 2018

El sábado 24 de febrero de 2018 se llevó a cabo la Mascarada Carnavalera auspiciada por Rotary Club de La Paz en los salones del Hogar Rotario.

Rotary Sopocachi participo

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Comanche – Eco-Sanitation Project

Publicación de los clubes rotarios de Holanda

Rotary in Nederland

LATEST NEWS – Comanche Eco-sanitation Project formally kicked-off

On Saturday 17th February, a group consisting of Rotarians from Rotary Club La Paz-Sopocachi, students from UCB (Universidad Catolica Boliviana) as well as staff from EWB-B (Engineers Without Borders Bolivia) and CEDESBOL formally kicked-off the Eco-sanitation Project in the Municipality of Comanche, Bolivia.

The project aims to provide water and sanitation facilities to some 175 families in five communities, including the provision of WASH-training as well as a local community governance set-up.

2018 Comanche Eco-sanitation

The formal opening was attended by principal indigenous authorities from the zone, municipality representatives and almost 40 beneficiaries. It was an emotional ceremony and all the authorities and beneficiaries are very grateful for the project and they give the thanks to everyone involved in raising the funds for the project.

There is a strong commitment in the local community to complete the planned works in the highest quality in the planned time-frame.

Comanche Eco-sanitation Project

The main objective of the Comanche eco-sanitation project is to provide eco-sanitation services to five communities of the Municipality of Comanche, La Paz, Bolivia. The project scope includes:

  • Capacity development workshops for teachers of educational units, authorities of the municipality, technical staff of the municipality and the farmers’ association.
  • The construction of 175 eco-latrine facilities, including a solar shower device.
  • The formation of community based committees trained to confront technical problems and to establish a governance model for the sanitation services in each community

The Eco-sanitation project was initiated by three Rotary-sponsored IHE Delft Institute for Water Education (the Netherlands) alumni, who all graduated in April 2016:

  • Afnan Agramont obtained a MSc in Water Resources Management and is now working as CEO at Engineers Without Borders Bolivia
  • Mariel Ugalde obtained a MSc in Water Services Management and is now working as water consultant at the World Bank Group, Bolivia.
  • Scott Taggart obtained a MSc in Sanitary Engineering and is now working as Commercial Engineering Systems Leader – GE Water and Process Technologies, Ontario, Canada.

These Rotary scholarships form an essential element of the strategic partnership between Rotary and IHE-Delft, with the objective to provide young water-professionals with relevant knowledge and expertise that can be subsequently used in Rotary WASH projects, this eco-sanitation project in Comanche being a prime example.

This project will be implemented in two phases to reach the final objective. The first phase of the project will provide sanitation services to 62 families, funded through Rotary Foundation Global Grant GG 1745942, set-up by the Rotary Clubs of La Paz-Sopocachi (D4690) and Voorburg-Vliet (D1600), with financial contributions from Rotary Clubs and Districts, supplemented with funds from the World Fund from The Rotary Foundation (TRF).


The costs of phase 1 of the project can be broken down as follows:

costo fase 1

It is also expected that the funding of the second phase will come from Rotary sources. A dedicated fundraising effort for this will be embarked upon simultaneously with the execution of phase 1 of the project. The second Phase of the project will incorporate the construction of an additional 113 latrines, to reach 100% of coverage in these 5 communities.

letrinas por fase 1 fase 2

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Eco-letrinas en Comanche, La Paz

plaza comanche

Autoridades de Comanche con socios de Rotary Sopocachi, Ingenieros sin Fronteras y Cedesbol en la plaza de la localidad

El sábado 17 de febrero de 2018, los socios de Rotary Sopocachi realizaron la visita a la localidad de Comanche, junto con Ingenieros sin Fronteras Bolivia EWB, Cedesbol y estudiantes de la Universidad Católica de Bolivia UCB, para la Inauguración del Proyecto Eco-Sanitation en el Municipio de Comanche que comprende la construcción de 175 eco-letrinas en las siguientes 5 comunidades del municipio.

comanche 175 letrinas

El Proyecto que se efectuará en 2 fases, la primera para la construcción de 62 eco-letrinas, esta financiada por La Fundación Rotaria con la Subvención Global GG 1745942 por US$ 67.330 y el apoyo de los Clubes:

  • Rotary Voorburg-Vliet, Rotary Delf, Rotary Sneek de Holanda,
  • Rotary Cloppenburg-Quakenbruck, Distrito 1850 de Alemania
  • Distrito 6920 de Georgia, USA

Viajaron desde La Paz, el Presidente Reynaldo Burgoa y los socios Marcelo Espinoza, Marcela Flores, Roxana Bellot y Afnan Agramont.


Comanche Eco-sanitation Project

2018 Comanche Eco-sanitation


Marcelo Espinoza, Alexia, Monica LeClere, Reynaldo Burgoa y Roxana Bellot de Rotary Sopocachi


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Bingo – RC La Paz

El sábado 3 de febrero de 2018 se realizó el Bingo de Rotary Club de La Paz, en instalaciones del Hogar Rotario.

Participaron de Rotary Sopocachi: Yancarla Conde, Monica Leclere, Mariel Muriel y Daniel Dorado.

Daniel obtuvo un premio en el Bingo




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Visita a RC Lince en Lima, Peru

Visita del Presidente de Rotary Club Sopocachi Reynaldo Burgoa al Rotary Club de Lince en Lima, Perú con intercambio de banderines

27750510_RC Lince en Lima

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Nuevas socias

Durante la Visita del Gobernador Jorge Encinas Cladera se realizo la incorporación de nuevas socias a Rotary Club Sopocachi
– Mariel Muriel
– Monica Lecre
– Marcela Flores
– Roxana Bellot
– Tatiana Duran
– Diana Alejandra Paz Golac

27866978_nueva socia

Tatiana Duran con su madrina Cecilia Uriona


(izq a der) Mariel Muriel, Monica LeClere, Marcela Flores amadrinadas por YanCarla Conde (en pantalla) Diana Paz Golac

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